Quarterly Journal of Research and Planning in Higher Education-  Identity Certificate Journal
Identity Certificate Journal

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Grade: Scientific Research

 Publication Period: Quarterly Journal

 ُSubject: Humanities, Higher Education
 Publication Place: Tehran

 Licence Holdr : Institute for Research & Planning in Higher Education (IRPHE)

 Chief Editor :  Maghsood Farasatkhah,  Professor, Higher education development planning, Institute for Reserch and Planning in Higher Education. email: m_farasatkhahirphe.ir

 Chief Executive:  Reza Maniee, Assistant Professor, Educational Sciences, Higher Education Development Planning, Institute for Reserch and Planning in Higher Education. email: r_manieeirphe.ir

 Administrative Assistant: Zahra Rashidi, Assistant Professor, Department of Innovation Research Education and Training, Institute for Reserch and Planning in Higher Education. email: arashidi_mdyahoo.com
Editor: Forouzandeh Saadatmand
Chinese characters and layout: Shiva Seifollahzadegan 
Add: IRPHE, No.1, Golfam St., Nelson Mandella Ave, P.C. 1915673481, Tehran,  Iran.
 E – mail : journalirphe.ir
Fax : +(98)(21)22050338
Web Site: https://journal.irphe.ac.ir


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